Hello, I'm Hayley, a reflexologist and holistic therapist who's passionate about helping women to re-connect to their inner cycles, the moon and nature.


I thought it might also be helpful to tell you about me personally, to help you to decide if I might be the therapist for you. I'm Hayley and I'm married to James who is a photographer (James Merrick Photography - he took the photos on this page!) and graphic designer. We live in Eccleshall and feel so lucky to live in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. I love nature, sunsets (and rises) rainbows, trees, horses, animals, birds, cups of tea, especially Earl Grey and herbal and I'm also a lover of cake! My hobbies are learning, the cinema, making natural skincare and having reflexology!


I've always been interested in nature and as a child would spend hours sat in the garden, communing with the fairies, playing with flowers and leaves. I can still remember how magical it felt and I knew that nature was special.  I know that nature heals and I created Luna Rose Therapies out of a passionate desire to introduce more woman to the power of

natural therapies and connecting with nature.


The amazing thing is that even as a child I was interested in

natural healing, I think I knew my calling but,

as is the case for many people, I began to do what I thought

I "should" do. I spent less andless time outside in nature

as I grew older.


I qualified as a nurse in 2010 and prior to this I spent years working at the hospital in other roles, working shifts played havoc with me and I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. In 2011, I went through a significant period of stress at work, I didn't know it at the time, but this period of my life set me on my rightful path, back to natural therapies and I am forever grateful for it. I left the hospital to work in occupational health and wellbeing, which I did for 7 years before leaving to set up my holistic practice.


Since 2012, I've studied and gained practitioner qualifications in reiki, animal reiki, reflexology, facials, meditation teaching, nutrition, aromatherapy, flower remedies, herbalism, crystal and colour therapy. I've also undertaken a year long Hedgewitch apprenticeship with Sally Morningstar, studied organic and natural skincare, sound healing, astrology and shamanic techniques, which have helped to develop me as a person and a therapist, putting me back in touch with what really matters. I'm fully insured by Balens insurance, a full member of The Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and registered on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the UK Voluntary Regulator for complementary therapists. My education, association registration and insurance certificates are always available for viewing.


I will never stop learning and expanding my knowledge and

regularly attend CPD training, which is also a requirement of

registration with the AOR.


I look forward to working with you and supporting you

along your own journey of health, relaxation and wellbeing.


Please contact me by email, phone or social media to find out more,


I'm always happy to chat!


With lots of Love,


Hayley xxxxx














"She left the old story behind her and stepped into a new once upon a time" ~ Rebecca Campbell

A little about me...

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