Four Stone "Magical" Bracelet with Rose Quarts, Aventurine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystal Chips


A beautiful, high quality amethyst, aventurine, rose quartz and clear quartz crystal chip bracelet.

Amethyst is associated with intuition, sleep, dreams, wisdom, meditation and enhancing spiritual connection. It can help to soothe the mind and frayed nerves.

Rose quartz connects us to the vibration of love and the heart chakra, bringing love, peace, self love and care, peace and calm.

Aventurine also associates with love and the heart chakra, as well as opportunity, harmony and positivity.

Clear Quartz is associated with transformation, clarity, high vibrations, protection of the aura, meditation and positivity. It aligns and supports all chakras.

It's easy to see why this bracelet is called "magical!"

A powerful reminder to trust our own intuition, foster loving relationships with ourselves and others and to live in the minset of positivity, harmony and limitless opportunity!

One bracelet will be sent in a pretty organza bag. Such a gorgeous gift to yourself or a friend and an easy way to carry these magical vibrations of amethyst with you.

Pictured with the rose quartz "love" bracelet and the amethyst "intuition" bracelet, also available.