Ancient wood which has been replaced by quartz over millenia. Thought to assist issues of a practical nature, grounding and business success.
Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone
A beautiful, golden brown mineral made up of fibres of quartz.
Tiger's Eye Tumble Stone
Sodalite is associated with communication and said to bring courage and calm for sensitive people.
Sodalite Tumbled Stone
Red Jasper is associated with dynamic energy and passion.
Red Jasper Tumbled Stone
I just love the firey energy of carnelian, so positive and uplifting. Having said that, also gently grounding and associated with strength and courage. Often carried as a protection amulet and said to bring comfort, joy and energy.
Carnelian Tumbled Stone
Stunning Opalite! I just love Opalite, see her pretty rainbow colours, just magical!
Opalite Tumbled Stones
Amethyst needs no introduction, as one of the best loved crystals, which is one of the first crystals in many people's crystal collection.
Amethyst Tumble Stone
Associated with strength, calm and optimism. Said to be useful in times of stress or worry as it is a very grounding stone.
Said to help with balancing the emotions, supports self love, self esteem and decision making.
Aventurine Green