Named after the greek word for Rose. Associated with empathy, communication, love and friendship.
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone
A beautiful stone thought to balance and ground one's energies.
Fluorite Tumbled Stone
A beautiful grounding stone, connecting us to the Earth.
Satin Leaf Jasper Tumbled Stone
Calming, supporting and nurturing. Supports sleep and those feeling overwhelmed.
Green Quartz Tumbled Stone
A beautiful stone which reminds me of the forest. Deeply nurturing and grounding.
Green Lace Japer Tumbled Stone
Said to help to release fear, bringing courage, creativity and expression. Calming, soothing and supportive of meditation.
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone
Nurtuing, calming and associated with sucess in business. Grounding and helps to align the lower chakras.
Picture Jasper Tumbled Stone
Beautiful Rose Quartz brings a calm, loving energy. Supporting unconditional love, self love, self care, loving relationships and positivity.
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone
Labrodorite is a simply beautiful stone, with magical flashes of rainbow colours, when they catch the light.
Labradorite Tumbled Stone