Beautiful pink rose quartz pieces.
Rough Rose Quartz Pieces
A beautiful purple hued crystal containing tiny particles of sparkly mica. Said to be a powerful crystal for calming and balancing the emotions. Uplifting for the emotions and the spirit.
Lepidolite Mica Tumbled Stone
Thought to support purification and elimination. Supports healing and connection to the Earth.
Clear Quartz with Chloride Tumble Stones
Associated with passion and deep love.
Turqurenite Tumbled Stone
Connecting us to the higher realms, spiritual guidance and enhancing communication and leadership qualities.
Aventurine Blue Tumbled Stone
Steady, constant energy, grounding us to the Earth with warm harmonious energy.
Banded Jasper
Said to bring harmony to the emotions, associated with love and the heart chakra.
Spearite Tumbled Stones
A grounding stone, supportive of self mastery and determination.
Green Onyx
Said to help with self control and releasing anger, supports stability, self confidence and positivty.