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Reiki with the power of the shamanic drum. Intertwined with

oracle wisdom from nature, including flowers, animals, birds,

plants and trees.  For a deeper experience, helping you to

re-connect with nature and your own inner knowing.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method which involves the

placement of hands on, or over your body in specific areas.


There is no need to undress and treatments can be performed either

lying or sitting down, depending upon your preference.


My clients report a deep sense of calm following a reiki

treatment. Some report that it helps them through

emotional or difficult times. As Reiki deals with energy,

it is not bound by time or space, therefore distance

treatments can be provided if needed.


Reiki is not associated with a particular religion,

anyone can receive a treatment, including the very

young, people who are frail or unwell and animals.


Reiki helps the body and mind to relax, it does not diagnose or treat particular

issues. Instead, the aim is to improve overall general wellbeing and instil a sense

of peace and calm.


Reiki combines well with other natural based modalities

including bach & flower remedies and essential oils.


In the warmer months we can meet for Reiki & Drumming

outside in Nature (current clients only)



£48 Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes


(includes Reiki & Drumming, plus a combination of the following

Crystals/Stones, Flower, Plant & Tree Essences,

Herbs/Incense, Essential oils and Tree, Flower, Bird or Animal Oracle cards

for wisdom and guidance)



Shamanic Reiki Drum

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