A beautiful alchemy of therapies, helping woman to re-balance and connect to their cycle, feminine energies, the luna phases and nature.


As woman we are cyclic, our energies, emotions and hormones ebb and flow during our monthly cycle, which entwines us deeply to nature through the seasons, tides and the luna phases. Trying to remain the same, always living at a fast pace, isn't natural for our feminine energies and we can begin to feel under pressure and burnt out.


Moon Balance is a 3 hour blissful, transformative journey, where we will take into account your cycle, the current moon phase and the season in nature to guide us, as you experience complete peace, calm and tranquility, whilst honouring your cyclic nature. Woman who do not currently have a menstrual cycle, or those who have begun the journey of menopause can also benefit and we will work with the current moon phase and the season.


Bach Flower remedies tailored to your requirements will be intuitively blended for use during your Moon Balance and for you to take away with you to continue your transformation at home. Bach Flower Remedies are subtle, yet powerful natural, vibrational medicine, they work on an emotional level, aiming to bring balance and harmony to our emotions.


You'll enjoy a relaxing, warm, essential oil foot soak with Himalayan

salt scrub and organic flower petals, to deeply relax and ground you,

whilst we discuss your aims for the treatment. We'll also select a flower

healing oracle card for additional guidance and wisdom. Flowers

are beautiful, healing miracles of nature and all flowers, but roses

in particular, open the heart and connect us to Divine Feminine



Once your feet are dried, you'll be helped to get comfortable on the

treatment couch, with cushions to support you and a snuggly blanket

to avoid you feeling chilly during the treatment.


A nurturing, grounding meditation eases you deeper into relaxation.


As you're fully relaxed, I'll undertake a Womb Healing for you, a gentle, supportive energy healing which helps to heal a woman's awakened feminine energies, which may have been depleted or become blocked. The Womb Healing helps to activate and balance the flow of a woman's female energies, bringing balance and harmony to a woman's cyclic energies and life.


I'll then place crystals around you on the couch, chosen for their vibrational, balancing energies and I'll provide a Reiki treatment for peace, calm and balance.


Next you'll experience the magic of aromatherapy reflexology using natural, organic and fragrant essential oils. I provide soothing massage to the feet and lower legs, followed by just the right amount of pressure to the reflex points in your feet. These reflex points are thought to correspond with the relevant area of the body. By stimulating the reflexes, the aim of reflexology is to support and balance the body and I have learnt additional, advanced techniques which aim to support balancing of the hormones and endocrine system. Aromatherapy reflexology is a highly relaxing treatment, a powerful synergy of reflexology and fragrant plant and flower therapeutic oils. Many of my clients fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, grounded and centred.  


Finally I'll apply deeply nourishing, Luna Rose Botanicals foot cream, which corresponds to your cycle and luna phase. Created with love and healing intention with organic essential oils and botanical extracts.


Moon Balance concludes with time to reflect on your treatment with either a glass of water or a herbal tea and a snack of dark chocolate, nuts or fruit treats to gently bring you back to Earth.


* £77 For clients who are looking to go deeper * Treatment lasts 3 hours, including a holistic consultation and creation of a bespoke Bach Flower remedy which you can take home *
















Moon Balance

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