I'm so lucky to live in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. Nature is my biggest inspiration and joy. My creations came from a passionate desire to deepen my connection to nature, the moon phases and my menstrual cycle. I started to make my own skincare working intuitively with essential oils, depending upon how I felt at each of the four stages of my cycle, Luna Rose Botanicals was born!


Luna Rose Botanicals is cyclic skincare, consciously created to honour woman's cyclic nature. Handcrafted with natural and organic essential oils and sacred plant extracts, gifted with love from Mother Earth. Infused with natural, magical ingredients and potent plant alchemy. Skin rituals with deep connection to each phase of your cycle. Containing organic essential oils and botanicals, which are chosen carefully to work in harmony with your skin, your natural inner cycles and Mother Nature.


After about a year or so of researching, perfecting the formulations, arranging packaging and labels, I was able to launch my range to share with other women. It's been a journey of discovery and deep joy! The products can be used in three ways, in tune to your menstrual cycle, the luna phases, or the seasons in nature. We are so interwoven with nature that our skin and energetic needs ebb and flow like magic, in tune with the moon, seasons and your inner cycle.


Luna Rose Botanicals deeply honour your own unique rhythms and sacred feminine energies. Connecting you to your inner seasons of pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstrual and the menstrual phase. Corresponding to the Luna phases of Full Moon, Waning Crescent, Dark & New Moon and Waxing Crescent.


Through my own research and experiences, I have realised just how important it is, as women to connect to our cyclic nature. Each phase of our cycle holds different wisdom and energies. By connecting with these phases, resting when needed, ensuring adequate self care and organising our schedule in tune with our cycle as much as possible, we can begin to live a life of joy and flow.


Our menstrual cycles are also deeply entwined with the energies of the luna phases. Our cycle takes approximately 28-30 days, the luna cycle is about 29 days and our skin renewal cycle is around 28 days, how fascinating is that!


The phases:


Pre-ovulation or inner spring, corresponds to the waxing moon. Intention: Abundance, new beginnings. Skin Needs - Oestrogen is higher than progesterone, skin may require moisture and hydration. Energetic focus is on creating, renewal, growth, action, creativity and learning.


Ovulation or inner summer, corresponds to the full moon phase. Intention: Thrive and shine. Skin Needs - Oestrogen and testosterone levels are highest, skin is likely to look its best at this time, you are radiant! Opt for sensual, calming ingredients that hydrate and moisturise. Energetic focus is on creation, celebration, action, confidence, beauty, love, ambition, prosperity, cheerfulness, communication, nurturing, desire, intuition, energy, freedom and passion.


Pre-menstrual or inner Autumn, corresponds to the waning moon. Intention: Reflection, balance. Skin Needs - Oestrogen starts to fall, skin may become more inflamed, oilier and more susceptible to blemishes, calming and balancing ingredients are recommended. Energetic focus is on emotions, cycles, reflection, creativity, desire, dream work, divination, power, renewal, sensitivity, sensuality, transformation and spirituality.


Menstrual phase or inner winter. Intention: Nourish, retreat. Skin Needs - Oestrogen and progesterone levels are falling, sebum production reduces and skin may look duller and lack moisture. Skin may be drier, less oily or inflamed. Include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ingredients and moisturise. Focus is on retreat, rest, surrender, comfort, cycles, sensuality, compassion, gratitude, peace, patience, renewal, rebirth, balance and wisdom.


Woman without a current menstrual cycle, or those who have followed the journey of menopause, can still find benefit from connecting to the luna phases or seasons in nature, supporting them to life cyclicly.


There are no parabens, SLS, synthetic colours or fragrances in Luna Rose Botanicals. I use organic or wild crafted essential oils and botanicals whenever possible. I buy ingredients from suppliers with sound ethical, eco and fair trade policies.


















Launching 22/2/19

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