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You'll find journal posts related to my journey back to cyclic health following a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries. I'll also write about the therapies I have on offer, spiritual topics, the divine feminine, organic skincare, herbs and flowers, animals, birds and the natural world, as well as any other musings which may spring to mind!


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What Matters Most

By Hayley Luna Rose, Sep 30 2018 12:59PM

What matters most is not the teeny, tiny piece of "reality" that we create.

What matters most is that our heart and our soul beat in tune with the pattern of the stars, the planets and the cosmos.

What matters most is that we are all just tiny parts of a wondrous, connected whole.

We are not here to strive, but to thrive and live in joy.

Only now do I see that reality is what we choose it to be.

This came to me whilst star gazing, one of my favourite pastimes xxx

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