Nature is hugely important to me and I am mindful about my impact

on the environment.


By serving the local community I have cut my fuel consumption

enormously. I have a tiny car, use energy efficient bulbs and

recycle any packaging from supplies that I order.


I only use natural products for treatments and organic where

possible. For facials I use my own magical creations "Luna Rose

Botanicals." As a small batch manufacturer, I naturally have

a smaller carbon footprint than large scale factory produced products.


Containing natural ingredients, organic essential oils and botanicals,

my aim is that Luna Rose Botanicals is as ethical and sustainable

as possible. I grow herbs in my garden with organic methods to

harvest for my tinctures and flower essences.


I am always striving to better my sustainability. I use high

quality, fair trade, ingredients, from trusted suppliers with sound

eco policies. My Frankincense supplier has 100% for ethical

standards awarded by the Good Shopping Guide.


Luna Rose Botanicals packaging is mainly glass which can be

re-used or recycled. Any items posted are posted in re-used

packaging where possible.


I understand the importance of supporting fair trade,

sustainable farming practices and also donate a proportion

of my profits to Tree Sisters, the worldwide tree

planting charity, giving back to Mother Nature, who gifts so

much to us.


All Luna Rose creations are tested only by very willing humans,

and never on animals, I do not use animal derived ingredients.

I only use suppliers that have no animal testing policies.



Environment Policy

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