Aromatherapy reflexology commences with a relaxing, warm, essential oil foot soak with Himilayan salt scrub and organic flower petals, to deeply relax and ground you.


Essential oils are sacred, earth medicine, which may facilitate improved health on a physical, mental and emotional level. They are able to connect us deeper to nature, support us and hold us during the most difficult of times.


Whilst you unwind, we will complete a medical consultation form, to ensure that reflexology will be the best treatment for you and to enable me to tailor your session accordingly.


Once your feet are dried, you'll be helped to get comfortable on the treatment couch, with cushions to support you and a snuggly blanket to avoid you feeling chilly during the treament.


Your comfort and enjoyment is my and I will always aim to put you at ease.


Next, we'll select a blend of essential oils that will suit your needs, you'll be able to check the fragrances to ensure they're suitable for your preference.


Once diluted in a suitable carrier oil, this blend will form the

massage medium for your treatment. Soothing dry skin and

tired feet and ensuring a soothing, comfortable gliding

sensation as I begin to massage your feet and lower legs.


Once you're fully relaxed I will begin to apply just the right

amount of pressure to the reflex points in your feet. These reflex

points are thought to correspond with the relevant area of the body.

By stimulating the reflexes, the aim of reflexology is to support and balance the body.


The treatment is highly relaxing and many of my clients fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed! You can check out my client feedback here. 


I have completed additional training in aromatherapy to enable me to combine the power of essential oils with a full reflexology treatment. The powerful synergy of essential oils and reflexology enables me to provide you with a totally bespoke treatment.


Essential oils are volatile plant oils which are obtained from flowers, trees, plants, herbs or resins. Powerful earth magic, connecting us to nature and each providing its own therapeutic property. Some oils relax, others stimulate, or may help to clear the mind. Excellent for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


A bespoke aromatherapy blend in either a lotion or carrier oil can be added to your treatment for £5, so you can carry on using your blend at home for additional benefits between treatments.


All essential and carrier oils that I use are highest grade, completely natural and organic.


£45 - Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes  



"Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our heads"

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Aromatherapy Reflexology

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